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Toe Kicks

It’s been a long winter but we are back to our old tricks. Here is one little project we worked on while it was still very much winter in early March.

We have finally added Toe-Kicks to the Kitchen Cabinets. It’s a little change that makes the room feel so much more finished. For the uninitiated, toe-kicks are the piece of trim that go underneath the cabinets. In this picture from our 1 year anniversary in 2012, you can see how each cabinet has a gap in the toe-space underneath the cabinet. The toe-kick covers those gaps and is painted white to match the cabinets. It also covers any shims you used to level the cabinets.


Wow, the cabinets have been in since December 2012! These toe-kicks were way overdue.

We also built a little cover for under the dishwasher. The toe-kick piece of the dishwasher is black so it needed to be hidden. It looks so much better with this little additional touch.


Here is a detail of the dishwasher cover. We just tacked it onto the dishwasher with hot glue. It will pop off if you tug on it but was just enough hold to keep the cover from falling over.


I should be back to blogging more regularly since the snow is gone and summer is upon us. We have pulled out the Tandem bike but it still isn’t quite warm enough to ride. We’ve made progress on a couple more projects I will be sharing soon. And, it is just about time for an early spring garden post. I’m hoping the cherry trees bloom this weekend!


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Snow and More Snow

I’m afraid there are no house-updates to be found. As it happens, we keep getting snow and spend all weekend dealing with snow and then recovering from dealing with snow.

It all started with “Winter Storm Juno” a “potentially historic storm” as the media termed it. “Potentially Historic.” We were all naive, thinking “Ooo, cool, record breaking numbers.” But by the 3rd “potentially historic” storm we are just about at our breaking point. The tension is high all over the city. There is no where to put snow, public transit is shutting down, all-in-all, things are a mess.

My first snow picture post is here: Winter Storm Juno

A snow-level progression post is here: snow progression

One week after Juno we had the “Groundhog Day Storm” on Feb 2. We were off work for 1 day and got about 17″

The next week, an unnamed storm on Feb 9. We got 12″ of snow and I had to do the snowblowing myself. Another day off work.

The next weekend, we knew we were in for another storm so we spend all day Saturday(Feb 15) clearing snow and moving snow around in preparation for “Neptune”.

And then Neptune came rolling in on Feb 15. That Monday, the 16th, was President’s Day so we already had the day off work.

Another 1-2″ forecast on Tues/Wed and another potential for snow this coming weekend…



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Snow Progression

This is our back deck this winter.

Jan 23, 2015 Storm

Jan 27, 2015 Storm Juno

Feb 2, 2015 Groundhog Day Storm

Feb 9, 2015 Storm

Feb 15, 2015 Storm Neptune

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  1. 2/16/2015 | 4:12 pm Permalink

    WOW! The amount of snow that you guys have received in the past few weeks is crazy!! Especially from that last storm! Stay warm!!

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Basement Wood Storage

Our basement is a mess. It drives me crazy and the biggest source of the crazy was the giant, unstable pile of wood. So, we finally broke down and built storage.

We started with pressure treated on the floor:


and added the verticals:


Added the “arms”:

Added cross-braces and additional support:

Final product!:

Then we filled it with stuff:


We also hung the tandem in another part of the basement:

We still have a good bit of work to do to get the basement up to peak efficiency but the wood rack was a good start!


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