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25 before 25

Stefan turned 25 in February and now that he is head-set on working, he has been spending a lot of his time developing a business idea in which he sees a ton of potential. As always I am supportive and am spending most of my time reading this page, trying to understand the future of AI to help him. So when I got some free time, I thought, it might be fun to put a list of things I’d like to do before I turn 25. I got this idea from Making It Lovely’s own list, 30 before Thirty.

Here’s what I’ve got:

25 before 25

  1. Bedroom next to bathroom: One day, I will not have to traverse 2 flights of stairs between taking a shower and crawling into bed. One day…
  2. Walk barefoot in my house: No more plaster dirt!
  3. Have the neighbors over for dinner: I need to come up with a standard company menu. I’m thinking maybe burgers and potato salad?
  4. Finish Game of Thrones books 1-5: I’m part of the way through book 3… the only difficulty I see is a library backlog.
  5. Grow a sunflower: I already bought the seeds. I’ve never had success but this year, I’m gonna do it.
  6. Cut flowers for my kitchen: Zinnias everywhere! Also clip some cherry blossoms while they are in bloom. They would look gorgeous in my kitchen!
  7. Landscape the front yard: So many plans.
  8. Eat another fresh cucumber with Vector: Vector and I love cucumbers. He gets all antsy as soon as I get out the peeler!
  9. Spruce up my cubicle: The walls are teal. I’m thinking a black and white toile would be a nice accent wall pattern.
  10. Buy a queen sized mattress: It will have to be a split queen boxspring to fit up the stairs but between Stefan, Vector and myself, the full isn’t cutting it.
  11. Make an 8’ tall cat scratching post: It’s gonna be seriously awesome!  Vector’s pumped.
  12. Visit the NYC Natural History Museum: I didn’t know they had a natural history museum! I love the dinosours and any rock exhibits. I really like rocks.
  13. Go on a hike: I’m going to start working on not letting my asthma prevent me from doing and seeing fun things
  14. Not have to use a flashlight to get up the stairs: Lights are one of those things you don’t truly appreciate until you have to use a flashlight to traverse the house after about 4 pm.
  15. Ride my bike to an estate sale: I put that crate on there for this very reason. I need to use it!
  16. Get another good picture of me and Stefan: And not one where we look cutely covered in dirt like all the ones we’ve taken in the last year.
  17. Walk to Barismo for morning coffee: And if you walk to barismo for coffee, you’re silly if you don’t pick up pastries from Quebrada across the street.
  18. Vacuum out my car: DONE! I just got it back from the body shop and it’s been vacuumed! Stefan was supposed to do this since he trashed it on a business trip over a year ago. I guess he’s off the hook now.
  19. Sew cushions for outdoor furniture: I have old cushions and great fabric I just need to do it!
  20. Organize the basement: Sigh, yah I guess I need to do this.
  21. Sip wine on the front porch and people-watch with Stefan: I’d like to break into a Delicious riesling and yell at the people that don’t pick up their dog poop. In my mind that is the most grown-up thing one could possibly do.
  22. Have a weekend without plans: A weekend without lists so I can check this one off the list
  23. Bike to Cambridge for a great dinner: Maybe Hungry Mother again?
  24. Convince Stefan to make dinner for me: Does that need more explanation?
  25. Travel: Somewhere, anywhere!

Pretty Solid list if I do say so myself.  Anything else I should put on the ‘ol goal list?