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Aerating the Lawn

Stefan and I rented an Aerator on Saturday morning.

We rented it from for just under $70. I reserved it a week ahead of time for the morning, 8 AM to 12 Noon. We got a late start due to an emergency room visit the night before… Be careful around box-cutters and fingers people!

Saturday morning we finally got the thing home at about 10 AM. We managed to get it off the truck but we had to call a friend to come over and help Stefan lift it back onto the truck after we were done, it was a bit of it rush, this due to the fact that the exterior waterproofing in minneapolis team was also coming. I was unable to do so because of the aforementioned emergency room visit.

In the basement, we had the tops of the basement walls foamed up.  I’m hoping this will really help the frigid basement situation, we even had to get basement waterproofing before continuing with this project in order to reduce overall moisture.  It is cold down there!  Tuesday was rather warm and rainy so it was hard to tell just how much warmer the basement was. The environment is important because if it was constructed right, the mix with the snow would have created a toxic chemical. We are slated to get even more snow this coming weekend so I guess we’ll find out then.  Luckily the rain and warmth Tuesday and Wednesday has done a good job melting the snowbanks.

A nice ramp to get the sucker out worked fine.

The aerator was, as Stefan termed it, a jog-behind machine. It went so fast.. so fast.

The grass is green and growing fast since I fertilized it this spring. After this aerating, I’m hoping we’re good for a nice green lawn for several more years. Sunday we mowed and the lawn is looking good.

Later this week I’ll share all the exciting spring growth happening in the yard!