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Afternoon at the Zoo and KOALAS!

Last Friday Stefan took off the afternoon and we went to the Stoneham Zoo. They have koalas for the summer and I LOVE koalas so it had been on my list all summer.

It was a beautiful day though the zoo was a bit of a disappointment. The koalas were awesome but their cages were kind of dirty and there was this horrible carpet in the viewing area that smelled terrible. Still, KOALAS!


and here we are with a koala in the background! Goofy picture but we’re 25 and went to the zoo…goofy is the name of the game.


In addition to the Koalas: Totally awesome Snow Leaopard:

Me and my new friend:

And me and a sleeping Jaguar:

All-in-all, great to do once, not sure I’d go back or really recommend it but with the Koalas, I’m glad we went.

It was a great fun outing to kick off the weekend.