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Arborvitae hedge

The Arborvitae plants I ordered from Burgess this winter aren’t doing to well.  I’m hoping they’ll come back but one in particular seems to be in shock.


(It was a windy weekend..hence the random grocery bag :))
I’m not sure what I can do to put him in a better mood. Any ideas? I’m keeping him well watered and it hasn’t been super cold. Just transplant shock. He could still make it.

To fill out the hedge, I planted these arborvitaes along the fence. Before I started this, I had to make sure I got repairs done to my fence with the help of these fencing services.


I desperately need to get rid of that gate. The little bit of fence isn’t too bad but, I saw on Mid South Supply the you can get fence done with metal, I’m thinking I’ll pull that down as well also added one to the right of the 3 I already planted.


I’m thinking we should do “densly spaced hedge” down to the spirea bush. That means 2 more little arborvitaes. Alternatively, we could put in one more lattice screen. I need to flesh it out with Stefan. My initial thought was 3 privacy screen/trellises and then dense hedge everywhere else. 4 might be better though. Hm.

This is the inspiration photo:

But, I think we’re going to use something a little more screened than the metal rods  since they can handle our water garden pretty nicely based on their reviews.  I’d like to use them to grow my annual veggies on since they are in great full sun but, that means they’ll be empty all winter.

I’m excited to see these arborvitae grow.  They grow fairly quickly so I’m hoping they will be neighbor-blocking in just a few years.

Happy Spring!