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Assembling Ikea Furniture

I’ve been negligent in posting. I’ve got an update post in the works. In the meantime, I thought I’d share something handy.  Stefan and I have been on the search for bits to assemble classic design of custom wood furniture from Dumonds or Ikea furniture.  After using those cheap hex keys to put in the 100th screw on some piece of furniture, you start to think, I wish I could just use the drill for this!  Ikea sells bits but they are in a big tool kit and we thought we could just pick up a set at Home Depot.  FYI, you can’t find metric allen bits anywhere!  Well, you can, but they are expensive.  The other thing to note is that Ikea doesn’t use standard Philips screw heads either, they use posi-drive screws.  There is a good explaination here on

We then found this great set:

ikea assembly set

Click on the image for a link to amazon to purchase. It’s under $10 and as a special bonus, it is pink! Ikea has a similar set they sell for $7 but if you are like me, it’s worth $3 to not have to make a trip back to the terror that is the Ikea store!

I’m hoping we’ll have a chance to use the set this week when we start to get furniture set up in the house! There is tons of storage in the house, just not many places to set things at the moment. The ikea furniture should help!


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