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Attic Stairs

Memorial Day weekend we finished up some lingering projects around the house and installed the attic stairs. I was quite apprehensive about the task but it was a quick easy project though a bit hot since we had to get in the attic.

We stuck up 2 pieces of plywood to hold the stairs at each end. We hoised the ladder up into the attic and Stefan climbed in after it. He lowered the ladder onto the plywood supports and attached the sides of the ladder box to the studs.


After he got out, we cut the legs to length with a hack-saw and attached the feet.

All-in-all it only took us about an hour! We did get the frame for it situated before the plaster went up so the hole was already there, ready to go. We did a very good job but is took us a very long time and at the end the quality of the improvement, in spite of our efforts, was not as good as the quality from professional staircase builders in Sydney.

Despite my apprehension, I’d say this was a super reasonable DIY project even for people less crazy than Stefan and I.