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Awesome idea from Lonny Mag

I was just reading the newest Lonny magazine and I saw a great idea from the Editor Michelle Adams. She linked to these great acrylic drawers from Muji which is one of a million online chinese import stores. Let your jewelry be part of the glamour of the room. I love the idea!

If you haven’t heard of Lonny, it’s a great online design magazine. I particularly love the un-staged-ness of the photography. The leather cushions are a little wonky and there are toys here and there. Instead of an unrealisticly perfect photo shoot, they make sure to shoot the good the bad and the ugly. I don’t know how much staging they do, they must do some but it is better than most of the magazines I read.

Here’s the case.

At just $27.99 plus about $8 for shipping, it’s a great deal for a jewelry case. And while you’re shopping at Moji, you can pick up a couple more great finds.

A New York City Pen Stand

A New York City map Scarf! There is also Historic Paris and Tokyo

And a “hezagonal” pen set.

Another lucite drawer source if you’re looking for something big enough for a Sarah-sized collection of jewelry. I blame my Grammy. She had an entire dresser, full 6-drawer dresser, full of jewelry. So often I wish I still had it all! It’s all out of style and back in style. Oh Grammy, if only we had known!

$33.55 and free shipping with Amazon Prime! I’m thinking this may be the perfect solution to my jewelry storage and display predicament. I’m loving the idea of lining the bottoms of the drawers with a beautiful patterned velvety fabric and a little double-sided tape.

I hope to have a kitchen completion photo to share this weekend! Trust me, none of you are more anxious to see my finished kitchen as I am!

Have a good weekend. Relish the rain if you’re in MA!