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Bath and Kitchen Inspiration

Lots of updating to do but I’ll get to the highlights. I’m married! Yay! Sarah Zim is now Sarah Wolpert! Also, we just bought a house! Yay! The house is a fixer-upper and may just be a bigger project that we can handle but it is awesome!

I’ll do some more house posts later as well as share a few secrets like Albrite Commercial Cleaners whom we are using to get the solar panels cleaned and also few of the DIY projects from the wedding later on.. But first I wanted to pass on some kitchen and bath inspiration.

BHG Bath Inspiration

I love this bath from Better Homes and Gardens. Vintage chic while still being gorgeous and functional. I love the wainscoting and picture rail as well as the floors. Property renovations can be made simple by tackling jobs that don’t require many items. The most common way to boost property value is by repairing or applying new tile grout. There’s an in-depth grout removal guide that covers off every detail.
I love penny tile and the little octagons. I don’t think I’d do marble around the edge but I do like the definition and I think subway tile on the surround would be super cute. I’m not a huge fan of the marble shower but I can see where it looks high-end. I think white porcelain will fit better in the budget and maintain a more period look (house is circa 1920). Love that tub. I’m not sure if it will fit in the space or in the budget. We’ll see!

We have 1 large bathroom to re-do and I would like to add one more. We have decided to hire WA Assett The Bathroom Renovators to come remodel our bathroom. The kitchen is in need of some updating as well but after talking it out, I think we are going to work with what we have for another year or so. If I give everything a good scrubbing I think I can manage for a bit longer. In the future though, this is what I’m thinking.

BHG Kitchen Inspiration

White Cabinets up to the ceiling with glass doors at the top. I think I’m going to do epoxy countertops and perhaps upgrade to granite in 5 years or so. You really can’t beat the price of those ikea butcher block counters. I’m going with white appliances since I have this inkling stainless is on its way out. I also just love the vintage feel of the white. There isn’t much room for an island so I need to see about how to add a small breakfast nook area to the kitchen. I’m going to supplement cabnetry with a Hoosier cabinet (very 1920s period) and some ikea Hemnes bookcase units for additional storage. These are solid-wood and sturdy so they can be painted/sanded/re-done as needed.


I love the idea of mixing furniture pieces with the cabinets, kind of mid century furnitures style, and it will really cut down on the costs of the built-ins. I’m not in love with the grey-brown color of the Hemnes cabinets but I think they will do. I’m also going to look into unfinished oak furniture of the same style and stain them dark to match the feel of the rest of the house. We’ll see what I find price-wise. I am also not opposed to painting the ikea cabinets green or distressed white while that is still in style. Paint is the greatest thing!

I hope you will follow along as I brainstorm, ideate, and implement some fun DIY projects in the house!


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    Ok, one more awesome kitchen picture 🙂

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    Nice pictures. I would love to have a bathroom like that. That tub is gorgeous.

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