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Bathroom Update

It’s been slow but steady progress on the master bathroom. The emergency gas engineer came last week and checked for the hot water supply only to find and fix the broken line. The only thing taking time is the tiling of the bathroom. There is SO MUCH tile in that room.  I’m to the point where I never want to see another subway tile in my life!


I had really hoped to get the shower finished last week before my impromptu trip to Austin for a Girl’s Weekend with my sister and our super good childhood friend Alex. Alas, it was not to be. Should have called the experts at Superior Shower Door & More, really. After I realized I didn’t have enough tile to finish, I lost steam and didn’t manage to even finish the “easy” parts.

I’ve got that top of the short side of the shower and all the edging around the curb to do. I’m not looking forward to that edging but once I get going, hopefully it won’t take long.

On the plus side, the toilet is in and functional!

It’s an ugly toilet but it fits under the window. whohoo! Also, it ran really bad when we first installed it and Stefan took it apart and fixed it while I was off gallivanting in Austin, also we added Air Conditioning trough the bathroom.

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Stefan also installed the medicine cabinets! We had the position all figured out but he still had to cut the holes in the drywall and cut the holes in the studs and the boxes themselves so that I could have these handy tooth-brush charging outlets in my medicine cabinets!


Here is Stefan preparing the Right cabinet

and here is the final product with the light above. I love those lights!


I haven’t tossed the mirrors in either but it’s still under construction and the fewer times I have to clean those mirrors in my life, the better!

There’s still a bit of electric to do and a lot of cleaning but other than that, we’re waiting on tile. I’d like to get the tile done before the sinks go in since the sink area is my workshop for tiling but I’ve got to keep Stefan busy and he’s itching to get those sinks in!

Just a few more pictures to give you a sense of how much tiling I’ve done this past month.


SO MUCH TILE! I’m excited to be done with it and then I remember I’m doing white subway on the backsplash too, I definitely need to visit the bathroom showroom again! Luckily that will be a relatively quick job.