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Building a Boat in the Basement… or a Bed in the Bedroom

Let me start by giving you a hint:


Ah yes, second floor window..measuring tape…we must be trying to get something big into the second floor. Notice that the window is not only gone but so is the window-frame. Yes, we were that tight, we really want to get a new window installation.

See, that’s the bed and that’s the bedroom window:

We set up a pair of ladders and a drop-cloth to prevent scratches.


And up she goes:


We went through the house and up the stairs to the bedroom. Take a look from the top:

Scary! Stefan hopped out the window and maneuvered the bed. I was inside to guide it through the window and grab it.

No pictures of the actual window moving (my hands were full) but with some careful handling, we got both the head-board and foot-board in through the window. Hurrah!

I’m filthy and SO excited.

We were, of course, left with a big hole in the office nook in the bedroom.


But we installed a new window and are working on patching the plaster as we speak. I’ll show you the after photos once it’s well, after.

Yay bed!


P.S. Poor Vector had to be locked in his room during this ordeal. He loves to get out onto that roof and since the roofing replacement we did we can never get him back in! So, no Vector photo-bombs this post but I did swing by an estate sale on Saturday and pick up this awesome butcher block to use as a Kitchen Island. And, of course, Vector promptly claimed this seat.


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