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Under-Cabinet Lighting

We have installed under-cabinet lights and they are AWESOME! We used these warm white LED ribbons and the installed quickly and easily.

The tape has an adhesive back to it was just a matter of cutting the ribbon at the appropriate spot, using these handy clips to attach to it, and connecting the wire from these clips to some lamp cord we strung to all the sections of cabinets. We soldered and heat-shrink wrapped the cord connection but Stefan and I are huge nerds and there are plenty of simpler ways to get everything wired together.


The lamp cord was strung back to the back of the top corner cabinet where we wired everything together and installed the transformer. We also used a dimmer thinking we would need to adjust the lights from but the brightest setting was appropriate so the dimmer was not needed.


This is the transformer we used.

We wired the transformer power back to a switch and the result is a beautiful even under-counter glow. I love it! The lights were so easy to install, we’re thinking of running a string through the back of the upper cabinets tanks to this range of mirrors we found. Since they are LED they don’t let off all the heat that the typical halogen under-cabient lights do so they are perfect for in-cabinet use as well.


They really are a neat product. I highly recommend!


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    Wow. I love those. I’m thinking- where cold we use those.
    Great pictures showing the details.

Fun Finds – Craigslist Guy edition

A friend of ours was scouring craigslist for a library card catalog when he stumbled upon a listing with no picture but what sounded like a great piece. He went out to take a look and it was awesome. Not only that, but the guy was an older man, a collector, and he was moving. He was selling almost everything in the house and adjacent barn. Our friend John knew it was right up our alley and the three of us went back to pick up the card catalog and pick through the treasures in this guys house.

We came back with the motherload.

This is one cool piece.

Any guesses what it is?

It’s some sort of gas auto lantern. Either for a car or a stagecoach of some sort. Think a gas headlight. Soooo cool!

We got 2 cool chandeliers:

2 really neat old floor lamps

An ammo box and a library ladder chair

And this neat misson-style or mission-ish-style umbrella stand

And to top it all off, we got this big box full of lamps and obscure gas to electric conversion pieces that we would never be able to find otherwise.


I’ll be posting more details as I get things cleaned up and re-wired but I couldn’t help but share my find with you now while they are making a big mess in my kitchen.

What a great way to spend a Sunday!


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    Stefan went back yesterday and got even more! Wait until you see the pictures from round 2!

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Review: Glidden color-change ceiling paint

I love this stuff. Every ceiling in the house needs to be painted and I can say with certainty this will be the stuff. I started out with Zinsser Bulls-eye latex primer to seal in the fresh plaster.

The Zinsser is stuff worked great for priming but given the choice, I’d definitely recommend painting the ceilings with the ceiling paint.


We used a pink to white color changing ceiling paint which makes is so easy to see where you’ve been. Hire the best Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors to do the job for you.


It’s hard to tell but if you look closely, you can see the pink tint of the ceiling paint.


It’s much easier to see in real life. The photography doesn’t capture it well.

The Glidden ceiling paint is super thick and sticky.  It sticks to the roller and you can roll forever on one roller’s worth of paint – especially compared to the Zinsser primer I had been working with.


It took me about an hour and a half to put 2 coats of primer on the den ceiling and about 20 min to put a coat of the ceiling paint up. The difference is that substantial!

I have to say, USE CEILING PAINT! It really is a specialized product for the application and it is really designed to make the worst part of painting go super fast and easy.


P.S. It may sound like this is a sponsored post but it isn’t..promise. That being said, if Glidden wants to sponsor a paint test post, I’d be all over that!

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    I totally disagree with the ceiling paint that goes from pink to white. First the can states dres and turns bright white in 30 minutes. After 6 hours I had pink streaks on the ceiling and instead of bright white it was dull with pinkish sheen. Hoped the next morning it would be different still had spots of pink.Returnin the can this morning and staring overwith just plain white. All my hard work gone to waste and now I have to prep ceiling all over again.Anyone else have this same experience?

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    OH yea. Lost about $1000 buying 3 gallons of this

Rug Buddy – cool things I want!

We went over to some friend’s house last week for a movie night.  After being encouraged to take of our shoes, we stepped onto a rug and it felt like heaven!  They had recently purchased a Rug Buddy.

This is basically a heated rug pad. It was seriously amazing. They are pricey at nearly $300 but for a family room with 2 little ones, it was definitely a good purchase for them. It got me thinking, why couldn’t you use a heated mattress pad for something similar? I think the concern would be that you could scald your floor but if you sandwiched the heated blanket between the rug and the pad you shouldn’t have that problem. It is possible that you would be able to feel the heating element though. Hmm.

I think our best bet is to wait for these to catch on in a big way for the price to come down. It was awesome enough for me to write this post so I’m guessing they’re going to be the next big thing. You heard it here first.