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Bookcase in the Master Office

One thing I’ve been dying to get going on is the master office.  It gets so much sun and is such a cute space.  We are also in desperate need of a bookcase since I keep buying cool vintage books.

I picked up a Billy bookcase at Ikea last Thursday and got to assembling it.  I covered the back in a large fabric remnant I found at my good discount fabric store.  You may recognize it as the fabric I’m planning on using for curtains in the dining room.


After the bookcase was up and running, it’s time to fill it. Oh man I had so much fun on Friday. I love staging bookshelves!




This is the vintage copies of classic novels shelf:

Reference works:

And a super cool picnic basket on top.

You can tell I’ve got more to go. I’ve got plenty of empty space to fill and a I have a pair of glass doors that I pulled off my old Billy bookcase. The doors last forever but the bookcase tends to only survive two moves before it falls apart. Luckily replacing a billy bookcase is easy peasy!


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    Your fabric lined shelf is fabulous adds to the vintage feel!!! Thank you for the much needed inspiration!! I just got 2 shelves and was wondering what else to do–besides paint them white!

    • 9/11/2013 | 3:38 pm Permalink

      I’ve also cut foam-board and covered it for the same effect. That works particularly well for built-ins and fixed-shelf bookcases. it’s also much easier to change whenever the mood strikes!

      I’m glad you like the inspiration. I’m a big fan myself 🙂

Hardwood Floors, Bed, and Mattress

If you haven’t taken a look at round 1 of the hardware floor reveal, check out my earlier posts: Sanding and Poly and the one before that: Patching the Hardwood Floors.

I mentioned in my Florida Post that last week was a whirlwind.  The flooring guy came at about 10am on Monday.  He buffed, vacuumed, and put the final coat of Polyurathane down.  Tuesday evening, after a day in bed, I felt well enough to move the bed into the room and since if took me a while choosing the right mattress Wednesday we had a  mattress delivered,


It’s a foam mattress we were able to get, I got to decorate my very first room in the new house!

The drapes are sheers from Ikea that I cut to size and hung on the centers of the old roller shades that were in the room. The hangers from the shades were already there so I figured I might as well use them!

The green fabric on the throw pillows is what I’m planning on using for the drapes around the large window to make it fill out the wall behind the bed. But, have you ever thought of having the same hotel pillows in your own home? You should consider getting the best hotel pillow for 2020 and sleep as comfortable as you always wished you did.

Notice that there is electricity in the room. Stefan knocked that out Thursday evening while I was sewing pillow cases and curtains. The bedding is Lauren by Ralph Lauren that I’ve had since before we bought the house. I love the colors.

The bed side table we bought for $10 at an estate sale a few weeks ago and I painted it with leftover cream porch paint.

The chair is a craigslist find in Houston ages ago. I have 3 more just like it!

The room is hardly finished. It’s still a bit sterile for my tastes and when you lay in the bed, you can see what’s missing. At least here I won’t have to kill bed bugs. That was a nightmare that I had to endure for months at my previous place.


The trim on the door to the bathroom hasn’t been put up and there is a big open spot on the wall for a TV. But, check out this light fixture:

Yep, dangling bare bulb is all the rage there days…right?

If you take a peek in the ajoining office area, you’ll see there’s still work to be done.


But, we’re well on our way to a completed bedroom!


P.S. Check out the new Contractors page where you can find info on all the nice people we’ve hired.

Sanding and Poly

We mentioned we were having floors done when we patched the radiator holes in they bedroom.

David the floor guy came on Saturday with his crew. They got in at 8:30, sanded, buffed, cleaned up, threw down a coat of poly and were out by 10:30. Super fast.

Here is the room before:


Here it is when the poly was wet:


And once the first coat dried:


Here’s Stefan checking out the repairs he made:

David isn’t coming back until next Monday to put on the second coat and it’s just in time since on Wednesday we’re getting a new Queen sized mattress delivered to go with the bed I just HAD to have on the second floor.

I’m so excited to get into the room and get it all decorated and cute. You can see I’ve already painted a great Taupe in the room but I still need to touch up the trim. I’m super excited!


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    Starting to look really good make sure to maintain those floors regularly and they’ll last forever.

Building a Boat in the Basement… or a Bed in the Bedroom

Let me start by giving you a hint:


Ah yes, second floor window..measuring tape…we must be trying to get something big into the second floor. Notice that the window is not only gone but so is the window-frame. Yes, we were that tight, we really want to get a new window installation.

See, that’s the bed and that’s the bedroom window:

We set up a pair of ladders and a drop-cloth to prevent scratches.


And up she goes:


We went through the house and up the stairs to the bedroom. Take a look from the top:

Scary! Stefan hopped out the window and maneuvered the bed. I was inside to guide it through the window and grab it.

No pictures of the actual window moving (my hands were full) but with some careful handling, we got both the head-board and foot-board in through the window. Hurrah!

I’m filthy and SO excited.

We were, of course, left with a big hole in the office nook in the bedroom.


But we installed a new window and are working on patching the plaster as we speak. I’ll show you the after photos once it’s well, after.

Yay bed!


P.S. Poor Vector had to be locked in his room during this ordeal. He loves to get out onto that roof and since the roofing replacement we did we can never get him back in! So, no Vector photo-bombs this post but I did swing by an estate sale on Saturday and pick up this awesome butcher block to use as a Kitchen Island. And, of course, Vector promptly claimed this seat.


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