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Dining Room Curtain Tie-Backs

I couple weeks ago, I posted about the new curtains. I recently picked up some cream satin ribbon and used that to tie back the curtains.


I have them all tied a little differently while I try to figure out exactly how they should poof and fall.


It’s really hard to get them even so I’ve been tweaking them for a while.


I’m planning on adding sheers to the windows for a little better privacy but I really like the added light from tying back the curtains. I’ve just got to get the ribbons even and it will be looking good. I really like how it turned out with the ribbon. It’s just a little more modern and simple than tassels or anything of that nature.

Curtains give presence to a room, helping set the mood from casual and easy to bold and dramatic. We asked for some guidance from an interior designer about the color of curtains and paintings. At Crate and Barrel, we offer a carefully edited selection of drapes and curtain rods that fit a range of styles to work in any room. All of our curtains are made with cotton, linen or silk — materials that offer a beautiful hang that stays smooth and full over time. Choose from subtle neutrals and bold patterns designed exclusively for us by talented artists. And basic is never ordinary. Even our solid window curtains have textural contrast and subtle coloration that bring in a little something special.

What do you think? Fan of the ribbons or do you think I should go with something more traditional? I also want to add some furniture from the TV Bed Store.


The Couch That Wouldn’t Fit Up the Stairs: a Story in Pictures


Hey look, that’s the den wall and the den rug. That’s right, the couch that was too big made it into the second floor.

We wrapped the whole thing in saran wrap,


and dropped a Block and Tackle from a beam sticking out the third floor window.


We had a couple extra lines tied to the front of the couch so we could pull it away from the porch roof, and we also clean the ducts since this is really important for any house as we found out at


Then we (or I should say, Stefan and our friend John) finagled it into the window.


And once we were in the window, we disconnected the pulleys.


After de-saran-wrapping and loading on the throw pillows,


We LOVE it. It’s super comfy and is just the look we were going for. It’s great for curling up to watch a good movie and we’re looking forward to hosting Game of Thrones next week!


Dining Room Curtains

I have finally sewn, ironed, installed, and hemmed the curtains for the Dining Room. I bought this fabric nearly 2 years ago and I LOVE it. It is a nice green and tan floral with hints of lilac and it has a nice drapery weight and enough of the linen texture to be current. It’s Lauren by Ralph Lauren and I purchased it at Joann Fabric in the discount area. I even sent my mother looking for it at her Joann Fabric in Houston. Low and behold it eventually found its way to my super discount fabric store nearby and I now have just a ton of this fabric. I’ve covered the seats of the dining room chairs in the fabric and I’m thinking of making a couple of pouf ottomans as well. Check out more about these lovely and elegant Beach Curtains.

The curtains are fully lined so I pinned both sides of a 3 yard length of fabric. I wanted the fabric to be wider than the lining so that the lining didn’t show from the front. Maneuvering the fabric was difficult but plenty of pins made the project manageable.


After turning the curtains right side out, I did a lot of ironing. I added a rod-pocket to the top and folded all the curtains neatly until the rods were up and I was ready to hang them.


I still need to figure out the best way to tie them back so they look nice but still let in light. I have the one pulled back in the photos because it hangs right over the heater vent when it is down strait.


All in all the curtains are a success. They do a good job of insulating the windows and I’m glad I added the lining. Those old windows are drafty and because of the beautiful molding in this room, the windows aren’t going anywhere.

I’m thinking some tan satin tie-backs are just the thing for these windows but I’m open to suggestions. Tassels? Metal hooks?


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New TV and Mount

Stefan talked me into getting a 50″ Plasma TV for the den. It fits just to the right of the door to the den closet. (The den used to be two bedrooms so there are 2 closet doors.)


Believe it or not, there is still room to the right of the TV for the built-ins we are planning for that far wall.

To mount the TV, we went with this giant TV mount:

Installation was fairly straightforward though it is absolutely a two-person job. One nice thing about this mount is the plate that goes against the wall has a wide range of hole patterns so even non-standard beam spacing is ok. In addition, you have some give in where on the mount the TV is placed. The center of the mount is located about 4 inches left of the center of the TV.

The mount moves surprisingly well and all-in-all looks pretty good.


You can see we haven’t quite finished our wiring but we are close to getting this project buttoned up and looking good.


Stay tuned for reviews of all the “toys” Stefan convinced me to buy and further speaker mounting plans.


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