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The floors are re-finished!

We have an awesome floor guy. He only took about 4 hours to do about 3/4 of the first floor and half the second floor as well as the stairs between them, after which I realised that adding residential flooring doesn’t expend a lot of your time. He then came back a week later and finished them off with a final coat of polyurethane. 

We did a bunch of patching the floors including a large patch in the den and thankfully I had the raimondi tile leveling system.

Some Before and Afters


2nd Floor Hallway Before



2nd Floor Hallway After



Den Before



Den After



Radiator Burns in Piano Room Before



Radiator Burns in Piano Room After

Some In-Progress

I was only able to snap a few pictures so-as not to get in the way of the sanders. This is the entryway from the front door. It is all sanded and being vacuumed when this picture was taken.


This was the view into the hallway leading to the entry ahead and the dining room on the left. They started with the big sander and then went around with an edger to finish things off.


And if I peeked into the Dining room,

Patches after refinishing
And if you’re wondering how the patches look, here’s a sampling.




I am soooo happy about the floors. There are still stains and marks here and there but the floors are 100 years old…they should have marks here and there! There are some tale-tell signs of a poorly trained dog in the form of dark water stains here and there but other than that, the floors are in great shape, better shape than I though they were before the refinishing.