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Wedding in Seattle

It’s been a summer of 2 weddings. Not too bad all things considered. I suspect we’ll have several next summer and probably 3-4 Summer of 2016!

This wedding was Pam and Andy. Pam was my roommate for all 4 years of college. Good Times, Good Times. I remember how she used to sit down with me to talk about her wedding plans they made at and how she would always dream of getting an engagement ring from Elegant, and so she did.


The wedding was a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding. They found this place from Tradewinds Hotel. The Church was awesome!

And had these awesome Light fixtures

The reception was at the FRED Wildlife Refuge which was basically a hipster-tastic hall with pink and turquoise walls Click here to see more. Pam and I were roommates in college…and we had an awesome pink and turquoise thing going on. Pam mentioned I’d love the place and she was right!

You can get a feel for the place from this picture taken by the lovely and talented Amanda.

The band was AWESOME and the bride was beautiful. (again, photo by Amanda)

Before the wedding, we got the gang back together and had brunch (Amanda again)

On Sunday, Stefan and I explored Seattle before flying back Monday. We hit the highlights: Pike Place, The Puget Sound, etc.


And we went to the Aquarium where there were sea and river otters….sooooo cute.


It was a great trip and I had fun. I’d love to go back and explore more of the town.


Trip to Maine

The first weekend in September Stefan and I took a trip up to Acadia National Park in Maine.  It’s about 5 hours away so it was a great distance for a weekend get-away.

We drove out Friday night, Hiked “The Bee Hive” on Saturday, and biked around Bar Harbor.  Sunday we biked the Park Loop Road on the Tandem!

Hiking on Saturday:


The Bee Hive was such a cool hike!

We also stopped by The Jordan Pond House for popovers. The Jordan Pond House has been serving Tea and Popovers to “rusticators” at Acadia for more than 100 years. It was pricey and mediocre but it’s a thing to do.

You can see the Pond behind us here

Bar Harbor was a cute little down. We biked around, Walked around the harbor, and saw the sites including this awesome clock:

We also had dairy-free icecream! Yay icecream!

Sunday was Biking Day

We got the bike out of the back of the Ranger.

It was a stunningly beautiful day


It is surprisingly hard to get a picture with the Tandem

We stopped for lunch and a scamper on the rocks

And we did the whole 19.5 miles in 2 ish hours

After a tiring bike ride, we drove up to the top of Cadillac Mountain. It was crowded because you could drive but there were also tons of older and disabled people who were able to see their first mountaintop. The accessibility, though a bit annoying for us, is so nice for those who need it.


After a tiring but super fun weekend, we drove home to our awaiting kitty cat.

It was the perfect weekend. School had just started and there was a threat of rain Saturday which kept people away.


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    Ahhh Sarah this looks like it was an amazing weekend!! And omg I can’t believe you guys did 20 miles! Dang!

Wedding in North Carolina

We went down to the mountains near Ashville NC for a week in July/August. The whole family stayed at this great old camp with a big water slide!


The lovely bride:

My brother in-law with my 2 nephews:

Dapper Nephews:

Biltmore Estate:


Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains:

The new family:


Christmas in NYC

This year marked the big five-oh for my mother and for her birthday, my sister (of and I hatched a plan to take a trip to NYC to see the Rockets and do the rest of the NYC thing. It was a fabulous time.

Radio City Music Hall was a blast –

Self-portrait in a mirror at a Diner know, lots of goofy family stuff –

Here is Bekah and Bryson in front of the Statue of Liberty in some light snow –

Tree at Rockefeller Center –

We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Had a delicious dinner at Da Andrea’s which I highly recommend. It’s on W.13 near 5th Ave –

We also ate at a super cute place called Lillie’s which was so cool! It’s ostentatiously over the top in it’s decor. Victoria over at would die. Over-the-top. The food was traditional Irish and it’s location in the Times Square area can’t be beat.

I’ll be doing a lights and hardware post on our trip to NYC later this week and you can be sure to see more of Lillie’s there as well. There are also many more, better photos on their website and find out who this Lillie character is at

Brooklyn Bridge –

NYSE building –

We also visited both the big Times Square Toys-R-us and F.A.O. Schwartz and the big cube Apple store.

We also squeezed in a trip to the National History Museum –

Look! It’s a Tri-Sarah-Tops –

All-in-all a wonderful trip –

Stay tuned for a lights and hardware of NYC post coming soon!

Happy New Year!

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