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Downton Abbey Finds: Season 2 Episode 4

I just have one image for you this time. As I’m going back and watching Downton Abbey, I’m seeing the repetition of costumes that one doesn’t notice unless you’re really looking for it. It’s much more realistic to see them wearing the same handful of dresses over and over but it’s not what you expect from modern cinema. I find it quite refreshing.

One accessory that caught my eye was Lady Mary’s belt.


I can’t say I’m a fan of the blouse but I love the silver belt buckle with the skirt. Very wear-able today over a dress or a long tunic blouse. I’ve got to keep my eyes peeled for one of those beautiful buckles at an estate sale.


Downton Abbey Finds: Season 2 Episode 3

I’ve got a lot of cool things to show you for this episode. We take a trip to London and see Lady Rosamund’s parlor and some more of her fabulous clothes, we find Bates in a pub, and the Abbey is being converted into an army hospital.

Bates’ pub has some lovely woodwork.


Lady Rosamund’s parlor is stunning


and I love this velvet trimmed blazer of hers. I could so wear that!


They’re setting up beds in the parlour. I love Lady Grantham’s outfit and the room with the large-scale paintings is beautiful.


And there are some more gorgeous shots of the grand entryway at Downton.


Anna has a super cute black leather purse. I have a collection of these myself. Though I must say that hat is not flattering at all!

Anna's purse

One other detail that caught my eye in this episode was the lace wall hanging behind the Grantham’s bed.


It’s a very large piece of cut lace. It is stunning.

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Downton Abbey Finds: Season 2 episode 2

The war is in full swing. Thomas is back, Sybil is working at the hospital, and things are busy. Lady Rosamund comes to Downton from London for dinner and has on a wonderful black coat with a fur collar and fur sleeves. I LOVE it! I could wear that coat ALL THE TIME!




Mary is entertaining the wealthy newspaper man.  I love her hair band.  It’s regal without being over-done and is paired well with some tear-drop earrings.



Lavinia is spotted in a super cute single-button pink coat.  It’s simple and sweet and that color is perfect on her!



It’s breakfast and Lady Edith is wearing a simple blouse.  A similar style has been seen on all the girls.  I’ve watched the clip over and over to see if I can figure out just how it’s made.  It’s an open round collar and a similar band around the bottom and sleeves.  I wish I could find a pattern.  They are so timeless and look quite simple.

I also love the toast holder at breakfast.  Stefan is very particular about soggy toast and waffles so I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one.  I just love single-purpose tableware.




Downton Abbey Finds: Season 2 Episode 1

Bates comes home after his mother’s funeral.  Look at that traincar.  I love it! The attention to detail in this show continues to astound me!

Sybil is packing to go to nursing school and flurrying about in this cute almost nautical skirt and blouse. Both pieces are quite wear-able and I wouldn’t be surprised if the sailor collar back comes back in style.


We meet Lavinia at a benifit concert. Mrs. Crawley, Captain Crawley, and Lavinia enter the room. I love Mrs. Crawley’s jacket. That would be so easy to make and would be a great addition to a wedding or prom dress.

Here we see Lavinia’s hair. I love the head band with the tear-drop. Very Art-Deco and unique.

I tend to be more excited about the day-wear than the fancy dinner dresses. No exception, I love this dress Edith is wearing. Again with the side row of buttons and not a super flattering color for her but I really like the shape and styling.

Edith dress2

Here’s another shot
Edith dress

I’m excited to see new clothes in this season and I’m hoping we’ll see more of the house as well.

Also, if you haven’t seen the “History of Highgarden Castle” where Downton Abbey is filmed, I recommend it. It is a supplement to the second season as is available free on Amazon with and without a Prime membership.