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Downton Abbey Finds: Season 1 Episode 7

It’s the end of Season 1. Mary has thrown over Matthew, we find out about and lose a baby boy, Mrs. Patmore has eye surgery, and we learn the whole story about Mr. Bates.

Mary spends some extra time in London with Lady Rosamund, Lord Grantham’s sister.  She has a great hat but I love this military riding coat look.  I can see it being paired with something flowing and sparkly peaking out underneath.  Lady Mary’s all white suit is good in concept but it doesn’t quite fit her right or something but I do love the umbrellas.



Lady Sybil looks beautiful as usual.  I love the skirt and blouse.  I could wear either of them today.  The little black low-heeled shoes are also super cute.  I need a pair like that.  As always the house is stunning.  This is the entry way.  Wood paneling, cool lamp sculpture, neat wallpaper/tapestry.



Cora is expecting and we see the Dowager Countess in the same purple dress and lace over-dress as in Episode 6 when I commented on her cameo.   The two things that stand out: The Chaise, and the fireplace screen.  I also love the big mirror above the fireplace that reflects the Four Poster bed.  The sconces are pretty good too and the simple flower arrangement on the mantel is so sweet.



I hope you’ve enjoyed season 1 of my Downton Abbey Finds series.  I’ll keep going since I’m having so much fun.  What’s your favorite find from the series?


Downton Abbey Finds: Season 1 Episode 6

I’m afraid I have a bunch of things to show you for this episode.  This is the one where Sybil gets hurt in the fight at the Election Count.  Another good Sybil episode.

Lady Edith puts her moves on Sir Antony and eventually, he reciprocates.  She does have the cutest short hair style.  The curls on this bob are sophisticated and flattering.  Styling short hair fancy can be hard but this is a totally do-able hairdo. Also notice how she’s wearing the same “frock” I commented on in Episode 3.


Sir Antony is a bit taken aback by Edith’s boldness but the real star in this image is that piece of spectacularly inlaid furniture behind him. I also love the vase on a plant stand with flower in it. That’s really a great way to add some pizzaz to a space that doesn’t quite have room for a piece of furniture.


Sir Antony and Edith go for their drive in his “Open Rolls Royce” and Edith sports cute hair, a cute hat, and the most darling linen jacket. I’d have to have a ladies maid just to keep it ironed but it is a beautiful coat.


Here is the Dowager Countess being told that the rumors about Mary are true. She looks shocked and appalled but she has a super cool mantle clock and a gorgeous Cameo at her throat. I love me a good Cameo.


Cora is hearing about the rumors in London from Carson but what I really love is the colorful embroidery on her dress. I can totally see sheers with embroidery being an up-and-coming fashion trend.


That’s all I’ve got for you today but episode 7 is coming up and it’s after the london season so we should be seeing some new clothes in the rotation.

Downton Abbey Finds: Season 1 Episode 5

This is the first episode where we really get to meet Sybil which is great since she is definitely the best sister.  She reminds me of my sister with her dark hair and blue eyes.

We see a beautiful shot of the outside of Mrs. Crawley and Matthew Crawley’s “cottage.”  hah cottage!  It is georgous with some lovely climbing roses.  I wish they would take us inside that walled garden sometime.  I’d love to see it!


Sybil is helping the housemaid to become a secretary with an amazing hairdo. I want to see this hair in every wedding magazine for the next 5 years. It’s fabulous.


The staff is allowed to walk down to the Fair in town. Anna and Mr. Bates walk down together and though Mr. Bates doesn’t reveal his secret yet, Anna does sport a charming hat. I love the purple velvet bow and I can see dressing up a rattan basket or purse with a similar touch of velvet.


It seems everyone is enjoying my Downton Abbey finds. I hope some of you will be inspired to start a similar series on Mad Men! I’d love a fashion and decor highlights reel for that show! I’ve also been watching a fair share of Alfred Hitchcock movies so you may see some inspiration from those as well.


Downton Abbey Finds: Season 1 Episode 4

I’ve just got one picture for you today.  Turns out the girls re-use their dresses and coats which makes sense for real life but was not something I noticed or expected the first time around.  The attention to detail.

Here is a great shot of the parlor ceiling and chandelier.  I LOVE it.  Like seriously, LOVE it.  I wish I could do a similar treatment on my closet ceiling.

pink ceiling parlor


And with the sea-foam green walls and the gold-framed portraits.  Awesome!

What’s your favorite room in Downton Abbey?  The Library, the parlor, the dining room, the kitchen.  So many gorgeous rooms!