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Cool Thing: 409 Kitchen Cleaner

I love this stuff. It doesn’t smell awful and it doesn’t smell too-much. Too many cleaners are just so over-scented that they make me sick. 409 is great. It cuts through grease and I even manage to clean my stove without getting overly frustrated. I am not a cleaner – AT ALL – but the 409 is good stuff. I highly recommend, those who know me know home much I hate greasy things, I can’t even go without grease trap maintenance for one month, yes, I’m that type of person.

I normally wait so long to clean my stove that it is covered in baked on sauce of all varieties. If you’re the type to clean your stove after you spill anything on it, than I’m sure you have other products but the 409 gets all the black burnt stuff off pretty easily.

Look at that stove!

I have the lemon scented one but since it is so mild, I may try the regular one next time. It also comes in a good spray bottle which is important. I can’t stand cheap sprayers. I’ll probably re-use this bottle once I’m done with it. I wonder if Round-up would melt it? I need a new sprayer for that stuff.



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