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Cool Thing: Simple Human trashcan

Simple Human is a company with a great eye for design. Everything they make is designed to be easy to use, easy to clean etc. I love the trashcan I got for the kitchen. It was pricey – $99 on Amazon, but the more I use it, the more I like it.

First off, the inside bin comes out easily which makes taking out the trash very simple. There is also a handy hole so that you can tighten the trashbag around the bin liner. But, I think the feature I most like about this trashcan is the handle placement. It is the perfect size to hang a plastic grocery bag in the can. I use about 2 trashbags a week. Trash comes on Tuesday morning and by Sunday night, the trash is usually begging to be taken out. For the final day, I just use a grocery bag and it works wonderfully for getting me through the last day or so before trash day.

It seems like a silly thing but the handles just hold the grocery bag handles perfectly:


It’s a good looking trashcan and the foot mechanism works well but those are thing I expect from a trashcan and the handy bag holder handles is the extra perk that makes this a cool product.



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