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Den Rug

We have a new (to us) rug in the Den. We bought it for $40 off craigslist and I LOVE it. It’s a little big for the space but there is a large difference between an 8×10 and a 10×12. I’m planning on moving it farther under the couch and way from the far wall but I’ve got it layed out so I can vacuum and (depending on cleaning prices) get it professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaning Sacramento provides you with the finest carpet care.


Vector is a big fan.



It’s amazing how much it has warmed up the room already. The corners of this room overhang the front porch so this room is the coldest in the house. We’re planning on getting a heated rug pad to help and we will get insulation going eventually but in the mean time, this big ol rug is doing a great job keep our toes off the cold floor.


It makes the room look small the way it’s positioned now but adding some reveal around the rug should solve that problem. And the floor is so cold, there isn’t much else to be done besides a big heavy rug.

That white couch is going soon too. The new couch is on it’s way! I can’t wait to show you.



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