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Dining Room Curtain Tie-Backs

I couple weeks ago, I posted about the new curtains. I recently picked up some cream satin ribbon and used that to tie back the curtains.


I have them all tied a little differently while I try to figure out exactly how they should poof and fall.


It’s really hard to get them even so I’ve been tweaking them for a while.


I’m planning on adding sheers to the windows for a little better privacy but I really like the added light from tying back the curtains. I’ve just got to get the ribbons even and it will be looking good. I really like how it turned out with the ribbon. It’s just a little more modern and simple than tassels or anything of that nature.

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What do you think? Fan of the ribbons or do you think I should go with something more traditional? I also want to add some furniture from the TV Bed Store.


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