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Dining Room Curtains

I have finally sewn, ironed, installed, and hemmed the curtains for the Dining Room. I bought this fabric nearly 2 years ago and I LOVE it. It is a nice green and tan floral with hints of lilac and it has a nice drapery weight and enough of the linen texture to be current. It’s Lauren by Ralph Lauren and I purchased it at Joann Fabric in the discount area. I even sent my mother looking for it at her Joann Fabric in Houston. Low and behold it eventually found its way to my super discount fabric store nearby and I now have just a ton of this fabric. I’ve covered the seats of the dining room chairs in the fabric and I’m thinking of making a couple of pouf ottomans as well. Check out more about these lovely and elegant Beach Curtains.

The curtains are fully lined so I pinned both sides of a 3 yard length of fabric. I wanted the fabric to be wider than the lining so that the lining didn’t show from the front. Maneuvering the fabric was difficult but plenty of pins made the project manageable.


After turning the curtains right side out, I did a lot of ironing. I added a rod-pocket to the top and folded all the curtains neatly until the rods were up and I was ready to hang them.


I still need to figure out the best way to tie them back so they look nice but still let in light. I have the one pulled back in the photos because it hangs right over the heater vent when it is down strait.


All in all the curtains are a success. They do a good job of insulating the windows and I’m glad I added the lining. Those old windows are drafty and because of the beautiful molding in this room, the windows aren’t going anywhere.

I’m thinking some tan satin tie-backs are just the thing for these windows but I’m open to suggestions. Tassels? Metal hooks?


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