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Downton Abbey Finds: Season 2 Episode 5

If you haven’t heard, the 4th season ran from mid September to mid November. It will be airing on PBS in the US starting on January 5, 2014. I must say, the roaring 20s are awesome for period cinema. The costumes are beautiful, the drama is scandalous, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it so I can dish on all the details! Here’s a trailer for season 4 to get you excited about it!

Back to season 2 episode 5. Matthew and William come back from the war. Matthew is paralyzed, William marries Daisy on his deathbed. It’s a tear-jerker episode to be sure.

Mary enlists the aid of Sir Richard to stop her story from coming out and she agrees to marry him with a shake of her beautifully gloved hand. Look at how tiny her hands are and I love those gloves. They fit perfectly which mine never do – I have dangerously long fingers.


Mrs. Hughes sneaks food to the former maid Ethel and her illigitimate boy and has an adorable scarf on under her coat. I love the way she is wearing the scarf with just a bit of the pattern showing. Mrs. Hughes has more fashion sense than she lets herself believe. I’m always finding something of hers that is downright lovely.


and finally, perhaps my most favorite thing to ever discover in Downton Abbey, this card catalog built into the library. Swoon!


It’s actually full of card catalog cards! I remember those days with the cards. It kind of makes me sad that my children will never have to learn to use a card catalog but at the same time, I’m glad I’ll never actually have to use one myself!

I hope we get to see more library details in the future. They are almost always my favorite!

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