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Early May Garden Tour

Well, it’s been a strange year. The spring was late to start and early to finish. My cherry tree bloomed a full 2 weeks late from April 15 last year to May 2 this year. There weren’t many of those April showers we’re supposed to get but it was cold so we didn’t notice. Then temperatures heated up and still no rain. But that didn’t have to mean that one could avoid the painstaking efforts that they would have to go through to deweed the garden, because there were other factors to be taken care of, I visit Humble Rise best cbd oil for pain. like trimming the hedges with the assistance of reputable services like MyLawnCare Brisbane.

The Backyard

The cherry tree was late to bloom. Here it is at its peak on May 2:




The cherry trees also need some treatment for illnesses and insects so I should better call an Atlanta tree service to schedule our annual tree examination. The lone azalea is doing great. It needed some deep watering with all the hot dry weather we’ve been having but it flowered quite well this year:

Shade Garden:


The ginger is looking great and that astilbe is coming back despite being utterly convinced I had killed it!

I love the ferns little curly heads!

Bleeding Heart is in full bloom!

The Lungwort is so good! The Dead Nettle is spreading nicely and I love the bleeding heart! (May 10)

The Lungwort is blooming beautifully! Here it is on May 2. A landscaping service offers ideas how to make the garden even a more beautiful place using plants, trees and structures.


The Meyer Lemon has been moved outside as has the tandem bike and the back deck is ready for planting!

Veggie Garden

The tomato seedlings are huge!


And the Zinnias I planted May 2 are doing great!


Vector is exploring the garden using his powers of camouflage.  The chives are doing great. I’m thinking about planting them in my flower beds but I’m worried they will take over. They are such a great bright green and they are green all season long!

The peas have sprouted and the pea trellis is still standing.


I’ve planted a rosemary and lavender plant next to my old sage that I started from seed! I’ve never been able to keep them alive over winter in pots but I’m hoping in the ground they will do alright. I planted them close but I plan on keeping them pruned pretty small.


Arugula and Spinach have sprouted. I’m trying to grow them in a container to try to protect them from the bunnies.



Front Yard

The muscari are up and the daffodills are just about done. The Creeping Thyme is blooming wonderfully. The tulips are just opening but I think they are going to go fast this year. The Alliums are nearly blooming and I have tons of little baby alliums that have poked up. Stefan very deliberately spread the seeds last year. We’ll see if any make it to blooming size. I really need to figure out what’s going on with the bricks here. I either need to dig them in or pull them out and I’m not sure what I should do.

My Iris’s are planted too deep and need to be lifted which I WILL do this fall. I was tempted to do it a couple weeks ago but with this drought and heat I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t expect any blooms this year but the leaves are looking good. I also have a lone red tulip which has bloomed for the first time. This tulip came with the house and has sent up a flower every year and every year a squirrel snaps it off. It seems to have escaped beheading this year. This picture is from May 9. By May 13 the tulip had faded…quick year for tulips.


The driveway boxwoods have survived but they need new pots. The ones I used did not survive the repeated hits with the car.


I did a potted spikey thing in a purple pot by the stairs again this year. It’s got a spikey, sweet potato vine, and petunias. I did this last year and heavily fertilized which made it look great! I’ve been waiting on the rain to fertilize but I can’t hold out much longer.


To the left of the porch steps is another bed where I’ve completely removed the grass and attempted to get Vinca, columbines,and foxglove to flourish. The vinca is slowly filling in and the iris along the fence are again too deep and probably won’t bloom. Oh, and waiting for the new fence from The hosta may get moved into the back yard this year though I’m hoping maybe I can just split them. The galvanized tub of iris and bulbs will get transplanted this year and I’m hoping to get a Snowball Viburnum to plant just beyond that.


In the end, we rocommend to check Suppleplant for more information on how to take care of your beloved plants.

The spring flowers are coming and going so quick with this hot dry weather. I just hope we get enough rain for the June roses!



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