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Estate Sale Finds 03/26/2011

First estate sale of the season for me!  It was a George sale.  I hardly bother going to the other ones.  I will when they start to get rolling but I pay so much more for the stuff.  I try to go to those other guys on the second day of the sale.  They are usually more willing to deal.  Anyways, today was just George.  I spent just $6 which is good for me.  I usually spend $10!  I know it is just so much money for as much stuff as I get.  George is the best.

Milkglass Etc.

I got a couple cute pieces of milkglass (my favorite and perfect for weddings!), some cute juice glasses that will be great tealight holders.  There were 4 but I broke one on the way home 🙁  That will teach me not to wrap stuff up well.  I need to get into a better habbit about that.  I have plans to make fabric bags to just throw this stuff in as I am gathering it at sales but it just hasn’t happened.  I’m headed to the fabric store today.  I may see what fleece remnants they have.

I also got one piece of cute amber depression glass.  Another cute tea light and the sweetest little milkglass bud vase.  Stefan got a Stein to add to his collection.  It is even stamped West Germany so we know it is Iron Curtain era.  He also got some peg board hooks which I pickup whenever I can.  We will have a real workroom with lots of pegboard someday!

The real find though was this cool tray.  It will be a great magnetic board!  I’ll make some sweet art-deco magnets and hopefully get that in the etsy shop this week!  I’ve been picking up those Better Homes and Gardens books.  I have a couple Handymans and a couple Decorating ones.  The images are so retro and cute.  I haven’t come up with the perfect use for them but I’m open to sugesstions!  Leave me good comments!

Tray and Book


It’s off to the fabric store for me.  I’ll try to get another before and after post up today.


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