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Estate Sale Season is Here!

It’s estate sale season and I’ve got lots of room to fill with vintage treasures. This season, I’m going to stick to a handful of projects that I’ll be scouting for. I also can’t say no to glassware, though I really should.

1) Paintings and vintage artwork

In this post: Eclectic Art Stairwell, I mentioned wanting a beautiful art collection for the stairs. I love paintings of pretty people in old-fashioned clothing.

This next picture I pinned a while ago, I like the idea of the picture rails to hang and display the artwork especially since the stairwells are plaster

I am also looking for more scientific botanicals, architectural prints, scientific themed prints for the plate rail in the dining room. I love these horribly expensive ones from restoration hardware that I oogled over in a previous post:. Things along this line:

2) Big Spool

I love this coffee table idea I posted about here: I am so doing this.

3) Type Drawers

I pinned this last week sometime. My Grammy had one in her living room and I always thought it was awesome. My uncle Paul has it now. I’d love one of my own.

4) Vintage Toolboxes

I love the idea of a collection of vintage wooden toolboxes. What a great way to corral stuff in the living room, kids rooms, etc. Forget modern bins as toy boxes, why not a 100 year old awesome toolbox!

This image really sealed the deal for me. Love that built in with all the nooks for old boxes.

5) Furniture List

Piano Room: small settee, a music stand, a cute piano stool, old end-tables, Barrister Bookcase
Dining room: Round table with leaves, upholstered chairs,
Den: Couch but we’ll probably buy new, Solid Bookshelves,
Master Bedroom: Queen sized 4-posted bed, plant stands for office/sunroom area
3rd Floor Bedrooms: twin beds with short headboards
Outside: Cast Aluminum Patio Set, Benches, porch swing, Concrete Urns, Etc.

That’s my list for the season. What do you have on your list?


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