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Fab Finds

I’ve found some awesome deals and just plain ‘ol cool stuff since I’ve been working on the house. Between scouring craigslist, talking with neighbors, and online shopping up a storm I’ve got some great deals on some truly neat stuff.

The free claw-foot tub

Yes, it was free… We’ve been going back and forth about putting a claw foot tub in the 3rd floor bathroom. We need a tub in the house for any future kiddos and the way the room is laid out, a free-standing tub may be the only option.

This 5′ foot tub was found on the town mailing list. The owner was renovating a bathroom and listed it as free for pickup. We happen to have a truck which allows us to really grab these great finds. We grabbed a couple friends and grabbed it. It is currently living in the shed. It’s heavy heavy heavy and the 3rd floor bath is a project for next year. $0 for a $1000+ tub is worth the cost of storing it though. Score!

Occupied Japan Figurines

I picked these up at an estate sale just last weekend. $1 each. They are so sweet and they will work well in the piano room.


Oriental rugs go for soooo cheap on Craigslist. People start out offering $800 and the never sell. People who actually want to sell, sell for $50 or $75.

We’ve gotten 2 $50 rugs. One great green synthetic rug that is still rolled up and this great blue rug in our messy bedroom.

Both $50 rugs came with high quality rug pads and both just needed a vacuum.

We also got this rug for $120 at an estate sale. AFter $190 to get it cleaned, we have a beautiful. high quality, old oriental rug. The colors are great blue, yellow, and pink. Perfect for a bedroom.

Stamp Book

At the same estate sale that I got the occupied Japan figurines, I also got this great stamp book.

Purple Bearded Iris

I’ve been trying to figure out what to put on the driveway side of the porch. My initial thought was iris. They are harty, purple, and beautiful with great 3 season foliage. I started thinking perhaps it was too narrow but after I heard about all these free iris plants, I decided to try it. In a few years, it will be full of purple blooms. I can’t wait!

Yay for great finds, generous neighbors and Craigslist!