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Finally – The Living Room updates

Let me first sound off about the importance of pillows.  Good pillows add personality and fun to any boring old room.  These are my boyfriend’s couches.  They are oversized, brown and though not hideous are definitely the kind of couches a boy would pick-out.  I’m not complaining.  They are comfy and were a great price.  The one main issue I had was the hideous pillows that came with the couch.  They are HUGE and super duper ugly.  Not much I can do about the size besides completely replacing them but the uglyness, that I can do something about.  I can’t believe it took me this long but I have replaced the ugly pillows with something more fun.  One pair is natural fabric with a strip of the curtain pattern and one pair is a pretty pink color.  The apartment is still a bit of a bachelor pad and we are building Custom Safe Rooms Texas so I didn’t go crazy with the pinks but those look even better.

Stay tuned to see the curtains and the ottoman slip-cover!


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