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First of May Garden Update

Ah May.   Spring has been slow to come but we’re finally warming up here in zone 6.  The Daffs are still looking great.

How to choose a retractable garden hose reel?

Gardening is great fun but cleaning up afterwards can be a pain. Rolling up your garden hose is one of those jobs that seems to take forever and can be messy. Walking around your garden and picking up a wet tool by hand is no fun so you might be looking for the best garden hose reels.

Those beautiful but pesky violets are blooming in the yard. We had some trees on the property line taken out by Landscaping Oshawa. We had hoped to have it done this winter but the snow-cover prevented it. The tree people were also very busy dealing with ice-dams.

The violets in the back are white while the ones in the front are dark purple. Do you have any guesses as to why that might be?

I pruned the boxwoods and am trying to root some clippings.

The boxwoods survived well in their pots, but I did have to use a high nitrogen organic fertilizer to make sure it would grow stronger. 

I’m pruning these into toparies.

The azaelea is blooming in the back but it’s an odd shape and needs to be cut back. As soon as the blooms fade, I’ll give it a heavy prune.

The Lilacs are so close to blooming. They say Mother’s day which is next weekend.

And finally, the cherry tree.

Spring has sprung but we’re off to a late start. I’m hoping for lilacs and hyacinths next week.

How is your garden progressing?


  1. 5/7/2014 | 8:31 pm Permalink

    Our spring is just about over and summer is upon us so I’m just trying to keep what I planted watered