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First Produce

I’ve officially harvested my first produce of the season. Some beautiful red Radishes. I only got 6 (the bunnies LOVE them) but they did a great job letting me plant something super early this spring.


In other news, Vector has made a new friend. His most favorite thing is to sit in this open window and let this mockingbird hollar at him for hours. The bird must have a nest nearby but the powerlines are just feet away from the window where Vector is happily sitting in the breeze.


The mockingbird makes quite a racket and Vector seems 100% unfazed by the mockingbird’s attempts to scare him off.

The mockingbird is a pretty little thing with beautiful markings on his tail. Every-time he calls, his tail pops up which is quite charming. I just wish he had some prettier sounds in his repertoire. For the most part it’s Squirrel crying and Grackle caws. I was beautiful church bell chimes and morning dove cooing.

I haven’t caught a good picture of Mr. Mockingbird but a far better photographer than me has this picture up on Wikipedia:

There is a romance around the mockingbird (as well as quite a few literary references) and despite it’s annoying crying, I know Vector is enjoying his new buddy.  Although, probably not as much as if he could catch the bugger!