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Garden Notebook

I thought I’d share a couple pictures of my garden notebook. I love the idea of keeping track of all the things I’ve tried and the outputs and timing of my garden. I created this garden notebook to keep track of the varieties of seeds I’ve grown, how I like them, how I’ve laid out the veggie plot, etc. Even from last year I can’t remember what variety of cucumber it was I loved or how many I planted. The garden notebook is my attempt to record all that data.

I picked up a target brand binder in this great green color.


Of course, this is an avery brand binder but I suppose that’s ok. (My father worked for Wilson Jones for many years and I’m a binder snob). I think this one was actually made in the states which generally boasts a much higher o-c number (that’s opens and closes for those of you who don’t know binder-lingo). I could go on, but I won’t. I will say that I take full credit for the 2 pockets on the inside of the binder. 100% me. Yes. I said “Daddy, I’d like more pockets” and he said…”hm, ok” and the multi-pocket was born. But I promised I wouldn’t go on.


I call the second pocket the Sarah Pocket. I’ve got some various booklets from seed companies and a pen stashed in the Sarah pocket and the regular pocket holds some things I’ve clipped out of catalogs that I’ll tape in next time I’ve got the binder out.

I’ve added some ziplocks with holes to hold my seeds. That’s Flowers, veggies, and save for next year seeds.


I’ve divided the binder into sections: Planning, Journal, Purchases and Seeds are the sections for now. I’m sure i’ll get more as things come up.


In the Planning section, I have a couple variations of my garden layout. I’ll put in a final layout after things are actually planted. Sometimes you can’t plan 100% and you just have to wing it. This gives me an idea of “the plan.”


The journal section is where I take notes of when things sprout, and unusual weather, etc. I have in here when I planted the winter-sow things and when my tomatoes sprouted, when they were put into bigger pots, etc. This way when next year comes, I will know rather to shoot for earlier or later etc.

The purchases is where I put my receipts. I envision things like mulch and topsoil deliveries going in here. Just so I know what I paid for things. For other things like seeds, and plants I just make a note of when, where, and how much I purchased things for.

In the seeds section, I have the seed packets taped to notepaper. I figure I’ll have these sorted by year for reference. The packets that still have viable seeds are in the ziplock at the front of the binder but once they’re done, they’ll go back here.


And that’s the binder. The cover is just pictures from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds gorgeous catalog. I wish I could get prints made from some of these pictures. The veggies are mouth-watering and the flowers have such a sweetness. They remind me of my dear friend Orchid’s Photography which has this undeniable sweetness and not just because her favorite subject is desserts!

What do you think? What else should I include in the binder? I was thinking seasonal pictures of all my beds and the house would be good. Any other thoughts? leave me comments!