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Garden Update: The Squash

It’s certainly been a busy couple weeks here at chez Wolpert.  Two weekends in a row of vacation with uncharacteristically hot weeks in between.  It’s finally cooled down enough for me to spend some time in the garden tidying things up.

We’ve got Squash Galore! 2 large plants each with tons of baby squash

The cucumbers are getting bigger but aren’t producing yet. They had better get going before it gets too cool for them!

The sugar snap peas are done. I didn’t plant nearly enough and I wasn’t regimented enough about picking them. I’m going to try again this fall for a second crop.

The butternut squash is doing fine. No fruits yet which isn’t a good sign. I’m not sure it’s going to yield a squash before winter comes! I’ll keep trying. I’m thinking perhaps it really needs to be started indoors fairly early in a large pot.


The Zuccini is still small.  I’m not sure we’ll get much this year.  I had a problem with rabbits eating my seedlings so I didn’t get them to actually start until much later.  I’ll come up with some sort of prevention for that next year.


There’s a chance we’ll have a long hot September which would allow the butternut, cucumber, and zuccini squash to really fill out. Otherwise, there’s always next year.

Stay tuned for a Tomato and Flower update!


  1. 9/21/2019 | 2:25 am Permalink

    Squash Garden is beautiful….

  2. 9/21/2019 | 2:33 am Permalink

    Squash Garden are wonderful…..

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