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House Update – July 14/15

If you follow me on twitter, you know that Friday was my last day at MITRE Corp. I wish I could say I am now able to support myself doing crafty projects and blogging but that is hardly the case.  I am, however, excited to join a startup after a week off.  This last weekend, we got a ton done!  It’s been so exciting.  We are  starting to see things coming together and it is making us work harder I think.

This weekend we patched the drywall in the kitchen and hung tile backer board behind the backsplash.  We got so far that we were able to start hanging cabinets on Sunday!

One piece of Durock backer board

Two pieces..

Drywall and Spackle.

A few cabinets Sunday..

Since I’ve been off work this week, Stefan’s been working here and there and we’re putting in lots of hours on the house.  A few more cabinets on Monday morning.


One more Tuesday night and hopefully we’ll start on lower cabinets tonight (Wednesday).  Tomorrow we have a fun day of antiques and salvage but more on that later!  And Friday, we’re heading to Saratoga Springs, NY (Stefan’s hometown) for some much needed R&R.