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It’s time to say Goodbye to the Beautiful Radiators

They are so pretty and I love them so much but they just aren’t working for us.  We put in forced hot air heat which is awesome and allows us to have AC which is super nice.  But, that means the radiators are out.

I sent an email to several Architectural Salvage places and most said “We don’t do radiators” but there’s a guy in the next town over who is a radiator guy.  His shop boasts “America’s largest selection of used radiators.”  He’s going to have his crew move them out and take the tub in the bargain.  As a bonus, he’s going to have his guys carry that claw-foot tub we have in the shed up to the 3rd floor.  It’s going to be so nice to have them gone but at the same time, I’m sad to see them go!

Here are some pictures so that they may live forever on the blog and in my heart.


Radiator 1: Dining Room:18 loops

Radiator 2: Entry Way 16 loops
Radiator 3: living Room 17 loops
Radiator 4: (On second floor) Bedroom 12 rungs
Radiators 5 & 6 (Second Floor): 7 and 12 rungs
In addition, we have the valves for all 6 radiators:
and we have this large tub:  It is in rather good shape without any real damage to the enameling.  It is, however, filthy as you can see in the pictures.  It has a decorative lip on what would be the front of the tub.  You can see it from the back in this first photo.
  1. 8/8/2013 | 12:30 pm Permalink

    I did not realize the radiator next to the stairs was different and more ornate than the rest. Cool!

    • 8/8/2013 | 12:45 pm Permalink

      yeah, it’s got an Eastlake vibe while the rest of them are more swoopy curly. All the other ones are def the same though.

  2. 8/8/2013 | 2:42 pm Permalink

    Very good pics of the rads. Good job finding someone who can move them and getting the old tub gane and the new one carried up is a super bonus. Good job.