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Kitchen Lighting

Now that I have room for a small island, it greatly simplifies my search for lighting.  I know I like the darkened bronze industrial-look lights that will match our hardware and I love milk-glass shades.  I have a couple options though.

Stefan and I are both ga-ga over this pulley lamp for over the kitchen island

It is, of course, over $500. Pricey for a light. Pricey for me at least. But so cool!

Other options include a pair of these great pendent lights from Lowes:

At $118.00 each, they are pricey but they have a great presence and are a good size. We may use something like this over the kitchen dining table.

Above the sink, we are going to have a large window. Above the window is an 18″ cabinet to continue with the rest of the cabinets around the room. There will be about 6 inches between the top of the cabinet and the bottom of the 18″ cabinet. I was thinking about attaching a wall-mount light though I could do a small pendent hanging from the upper cabinet.

This was the wall-mount number I was thinking of. At just $49, it is a steal from lowes. It is technically an outdoor light but I think it would work great for the sink area.

Another option is to hang pendent lights made from a pair of hobnail milkglass platers I found at an estate sale. I’ve had various plants in them but they would make great pendent light shades. They look just like this:

Those are the main contenders at this point. I do love this light from Home Depot, but Stefan is skeptical.

If we do spring for the pulley light for above the island, what should go above the dining table. I don’t want it to compete but I also don’t want to leave the table out of the lighting game.

What do you think?