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Last Weekend

Last weekend was a mini-vacation to the 1000 islands region of New York state to visit Stefan’s Grandma Blanch who is, in fact, not his grandmother at all but a wonderful woman that married Stefan’s grandfather later in life.  Grandma Blanche was the guest of honor at her 90th birthday party this weekend.  She is a beautiful lady even at 90.

Here she is at our Wedding in December.  We were so glad to have her there!

Blanche was the owner of the Dairy Bar in Alexandria Bay.  She has a decided sweet tooth and claims an overindulgence in sweets is the key to a long life.  She makes the best cookies, pies, etc that I’ve ever tasted!  She closed the Dairy bar and has retired but she hasn’t slowed down hardly at all.  She is the young one that makes sure to check on the neighbors and get people to their doctor’s appointments.  She was telling me this weekend, that her next door neighbor is 101 and lives alone.  Blanche calls her every morning and if she doesn’t answer, makes sure to call again in about 10 min.  “Cause it takes her a while to get to the phone.”  Ha!

For her birthday, she got a cordless phone.  She was running up big bills on her cellphone because she wanted to be able to sit on the couch and talk to people.  She must call just about everyone in the town given her cell phone records!  She would say, “Well, I have to check on everyone, make sure they woke up!”

It was amazing to see the number of people she has made an impression on in her life.  The party was a roaring success and so many people were there to wish her well.  I’d have to say it was the event of the year for the over 70 set.

It was a lot of driving but it was worth it to see the family and wish Grandma Blanche happy birthday.