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Late April Garden Update

Spring has been slow in coming this year but the signs are starting to show, now is the right time to use service Maple Land Works

The bulbs are up in the front and the Phlox is greening up

The columbines are coming back and the Myrtle/Periwinkle/Vinca is green again.


In the back the grass is green. In fact we had to mow it last weekend.


The Crocus have come and gone and since I took that last picture of the backyard, the cherry tree has bloomed and started getting some Tire swing ideas. I’m afraid it was windy and I missed the peak which was Monday morning.

The daffodils are just about in bloom.


The Roses are budding out.


And I’m so excited about the lilacs!


A couple of the radishes are sprouted as well as the sweet peas and spinach. There’s not much to see but I did make these cute plant markers.


And there is a bit of this plant growing. I have a suspicion that it is a “Boxwood” Basil that has reseeded from last year. It’s got a square stem (like a mint or basil) and smells a little Basil-y. It’s an odd thing to re-seed but maybe just maybe. I’ll probably hire Tree Service to see if they can help me plant more seeds and restore my garden.


Another week and I’ll have a whole new collection of blooms to show you! Spring is finally here!