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Master Bedroom Inspiration

I purchased this linen set quite a while ago to be the starting point for the master bedroom, then I realized I could have gotten several Matching Bedroom Sets from another store that was much more affordable.

The bedspread has a great green and taupe floral/damask pattern to it.

I loved that the colors were soft but still not too feminine.  I bought the entire set for $89 at TJMax!  It is Lauren by Ralph Lauren but I haven’t been able to find the name of the pattern.  It doesn’t seem to still be in production. We plan on moving in a year or two and I’ve been looking at these beautiful new home designs in Perth. So for now we are starting to paint the walls here and get it ready to be sold.

The paint happens to match the taupe in the bedspread perfectly which these digital color samples fail to show.

I fell in love with this image on the cover of the Pottery Barn catalog this spring. The bed has been out of stock all summer but it’s back up on the website but at $2199.00 it’s a bit out of the price range.

I found this one that fits my style a bit better but it’s even pricier at $2700.00

The bed, which we ordered at, is going in front of a window:

Here is the room…messy, I know.

So I started thinking that perhaps a canopy of 4 poster bed isn’t the direction we should go in though I do love a good 4 poster bed. Since we will have drapes, sheers and blackout, on the window behind the bed, we don’t really need anything dramatic.

We could do some sort of sleigh bed or even just a nice wood headboard.  I do think it needs to be wood.  I’m afraid white would read a little more country cottage than I’m going for.  I’d like to stick with the pastel colors but stay in a more victorian era with modern touches of course. This bed’s statistics can be found on:, there’s no chance that we will compromise on sleep and so we are making sure that everything is perfect.

As far as side tables, I’ve got a couple options.  I bought this great kidney shaped table for $20 in New Bedford.

My initial thought was to use it as a side table with a nice old chair as a sort of writing desk.  I think it needs a neat lamp and perhaps a leather writing pad.  Some old ink wells would make it a great vignette.  On the other side, I can always do a stack of vintage suitcases.

Any other wood table that I happen upon will do as well. I’m sure I’ll be re-arranging side tables for the rest of my life. No need to nail that down now!

What I do need to figure out is lighting. Bed-side lamps of course but what about overhead lights. I love the idea of a chandelier on a dimmer.

Seems so romantic. Is it going to look gaudy and tacky though? I suppose it depends on the light, but I diffidently love the BeddingNBeyond covers I was able to find. Perhaps just a romantic pendent rather than an actual chandelier would be more appropriate.

I’ll have to keep thinking about that one. The room also needs an amazing rug. The tan oriental in the bedroom with the chandelier above is great. I keep finding pink rugs but I had hoped to really keep the pink fairly minimal. I’ve got a pink kitchen, a pink powder room, and a pink closet/laundry room. The rug for this room will be a challenge. Stefan doesn’t like light colored rugs but I’m just not sure what else will fit!

Opposite the wall with the bed against it, I want a wall-mounted TV. I should see about putting in some conduit on that wall to conceal the wires. Add that to the list…

Below the TV, I need some sort of anchor. It can’t be too deep so that it doesn’t interfere with the flow into the room and into the bathroom. A pair of short Barristers Bookcases would be perfect but pricey and hard to find.  A girl can dream though!

Well that’s the plan for the master bedroom. I’ve still go to get the details of the master office/nook sorted out. If you recall, there is a bright little room right off the master bedroom but I’ll go into that another time!

Let me know what you think!