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Master Office Progress

Stefan and I hung 3 Lack shelves from Ikea in the master office. At $14.99 each, we couldn’t beat the price! I’ve started to gather accessories for the shelves but it’s going to be a work in progress.

I’m unpacking and settling in to our new finished rooms which in one of them there was a special office desk from a Selection of Hidden Home Office Desks, all with different styles and sizes, perfect for any personality.  While I continue as I find things, I’ll add to the shelves.


One quick little project for the room was this pinboard. A bit of spray adhesive, some fabric, and a $6 pinboard from Ikea and Voila!


I also spent some time priming and painting this little dresser for the room. It was black and was my bedside table growing up. It’s a super functional piece but it was time for a make-over.


It has wooden knobs but I think it’s time to do something different. I was thinking maybe some glass/acrylic knobs I can always buy something. Maybe even something that can help me thats a little less industrial grade but still good. Or even something brass and shiny.

So many options!

It will be so great once I get this place functional. It will be such a nice spot to type up blog posts and do all my job hunting!