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Memorial Day Weekend

We had some friends over for a grill brunch on Monday.  After a rough start to the weekend weather-wise, Monday was absolutely gorgeous.  We used the party as a kick in the butt to get things cleaned up and finish up some outdoor projects. Project numero uno was a natural gas grill. We ordered it a while ago and picked it up last week.


After some assembly and some gas plumbing work, we were grilling in style. The other big project was project clean-up.

I mean, just look at that deck, all there’s left to do is to add folding arm awnings by Undercover Blinds Melbourne!


Without all the scrap wood and misc building supplies, that little table looks so piddly. We pulled out our kitchen table and chairs which worked great for the party but now it’s time to get some patio furniture, I’m also thinking about getting some Box Newel from the best Box Newel Posts Supplier around.

I’ve got a few different options for furniture. What do you like?

This set from Ace is a great deal and relatively good looking. The chairs don’t look super comfortable but some additional cushions would help that problem. The chairs are also folding which is great for additional seating inside and out.

As an added bonus, the set folds down with chair storage.

I fell in love with the set below before I realized it was the perfect size for the deck.

It’s a bit more expensive but the chairs are super comfy. Stefan isn’t 100% sold (he’s not a fan of wicker) but I really think the comfort level is going to win him over. The question is really rather we want something like this over the teak/wood furniture style, but we are also thinking about antique furniture, which can add a special touch to the space.

Then there’s also something like this next set. Super Comfy but we would need to take the cushions off and store them under the overhang in some sort of deck box. I’m also not a fan of the tile-style table top but, there is a chance I could find something like this that needs the cushions recovered/replaced on craigslist.

What do you think?  What would be the most functional for us?  I want to be able to host without too much effort and I’d love to encourage lounging and chatting as well.  I’d like to be able to get 10-12 people on the deck either around one table or a table with a smaller table pulled up to it.

I’d love some ideas!  Leave me comments.  I love to read them!


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    Glad Stefan made it home and you were able to sit back and enjoy the house and yard a bit. You need it. I have liked our teak table and chairs, but they are all good suggestions. really think it through how you live not how you wished you lived.

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    Hm, or do I want to put a chat set on the deck and plan on picnic tables in the driveway patio for eating? Hmm.. So many decisions.

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