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Microwave Placement

Last weekend, we tore down 2 stories of chimney. We had planned on waiting to do the 1st floor and basement but we’ve stalled with a couple other projects and it only makes sense to make a big mess like that now so this weekend we are taking the rest of the chimney out. That means, I will have a chimney sized opening off of my kitchen. I was initially thinking pantry though the bathroom off the kitchen will be pantry eventually. So, I’m thinking of something like this image from Better Homes and Gardens online.

Room for a microwave off the counter behind closed doors that slide into the sides. Like an old style TV cabinet. What do you think? I’m pretty excited about it and Stefan is on board. I’m also planning on vertical pan storage above the microwave cabinet and a cabinet with rolling drawers for pots and pans under it. It will be about 30″ wide and recessed into the wall about 20 inches so I’m thinking shallow cabinets. I need to measure the opening once we get the chimney out and see if will all work. It isn’t deep enough for double wall ovens or that would be on the table but a microwave cabinet is frankly more functional anyways.

Working with an old house is so much fun. You really have to be creative to get everything to work and you have to be willing to try some unusual layout options. It makes the whole process more exciting!