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Coats & Tse – Modern Eclectic Style

Elle Decor

– clean lines with books for texture and warmth

– light-look furniture like the thin legged end table make the space feel open.

The gray and blue color pallet keeps thinking interesting and prevents the beige monster problem.  I also love how the clean lines allow for showcasing a few really amazing pieces like the oversized artwork in this room.


Bench behind a couch – I see this as being perfect for them.  Andrew is an entertainer and having lots of seating is a must.  The bench also serves as an out of the way place to stash laptops, bags, blankets etc to keep the aesthetic clean even without spending time picking up.  The bench is also a place to add a super cool old piece of furniture without sacrificing modern comfort and convenience in the sofa and chairs.

2 things about this image: books add warmth and a patterned rug makes an otherwise bland room feel decorated.

Love the shelves with the frames.  A great alternative to books (esp for a 3rd floor apt) the shallow shelves lend themselves well to frame ledges.  The shiny glass also makes the space much brighter and airier.  That brown chair is … ugly.. but the idea of keeping things simple to make the unique and personal stand out is a good one.  Clean lines allow us to showcase some super awesome pieces of furniture collected over time.

Don’t love the cane chairs but love that the clean lines still work with bright, bold colored walls.  Also, great rug.  The coffee table is hideous though.  and I would go with a gray sofa.  Art is meant to be collected and loved and in a room with like this, anything you love will work.  I think in a smaller, open space, you really need to think about ways to plan around art that will be purchased over time.

Here’s a warmer look but the idea of a glass coffee table is a good one. The poof is also good for adding some seating and comfort. I love the dark walls but it may not work in your space.