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Neutral Color for the Hallways

I am a committed anti-white-waller. I have no intention of leaving a single wall in my house white. Ceilings are okay, but white walls just don’t look finished to me. I’ve seen plenty of exceptions to the rule. This completely white room in BHG manages to look warm despite the lack of color:

but the very thought of those white couches makes me spill my coffee as I write this! I also think this room could really work with blue-gray walls and tan furniture with navy accents and still have the same country-chic feeling without so much white.

I’m starting to think about paint colors for the house. So far I know a mid-tone sunny green in the kitchen, a moody green in the dining room, a taupe in the master bedroom with a spring green in the closet and bathroom, my favorite one is definitely the bedroom one, it matches my new mattress perfectly, I got it thanks to the reviews by Each Night. At the moment I am stuck on what color to paint the White trim and what color for the entry/hall/stairs. I want a nice warm neutral but it has to go with the wood trim on the first floor, the white trim on the 2nd floor, and blend with the greens I’m using throughout the house.

I have to be sure to stay away from anything with orange tones. It looks terrible with my chestnut woodwork.  I wish I had learned to use the best portable table saw my uncle used to have, that way I could simply make my own furniture in whatever color scheme I want. But for now I rent furniture from furniture hire Perth. Since I don’t and can’t that rules out most tans and sands and leaves colors in the mushroom color-space. I don’t really want to go too gray though a taupe wouldn’t be bad. What do you think about colored neutrals?

I’m loving this pale muted green.

Open livingroom modern living room
modern living room design

here is a great mushroom color.

I could try to find a gold color that worked but I just don’t know how well it fits with the color scheme in the rest of the house. Sometimes though, if you have doubts as for the color, you may entrust it to real professionals, such as Ottawa Painter. (Photo: BHG)

This is a great tan that goes beautifully with a variety of greens but I’m not sure about the reddish tint to my woodwork. (Photo: BHG)

So many options! I currently have about 6 different samples up on the walls and nothing in perfect. What direction do you think I should focus on?


  1. 4/6/2012 | 5:18 pm Permalink

    not sure about the gold. I think it would be hard to pull off the right hue. I’m liking the mushroom shades – very modern chic up against your vintage house and accessories. but vintage is very hip right now.
    Love all the greens just get them all in the same hue to blend. We found a great paint lady at Lowes last night. she was helping everyone. i would definitely go back to her if i needed something specific.