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New England Demolition & Salvage and other New Bedford highlights

This past week I started a new job.  It’s been going great and it’s super exciting to get to meet new people and learn new things.  As I mentioned, I took a week off between jobs to relax, catch up on house stuff, and have some fun.  On Thursday of that week, we went somewhere awesome: New Bedford. It is a sea-coast town about an hour and a half south of us.

New England Demolition and Salvage had all manner of cool things. They are definitely one of the best companies for demolition. Like 100s of bathtubs

Or toilets of every variety.

Including a PURPLE one!

And this awesome pink kitchen sink.

Unfortunately we were on the hunt for a pair of pedestal sinks but no luck in that department. They looked pretty cleaned out and it’s actually cheaper to buy new.

We also hit 1 of 5 or so big antique malls in the area. I’ll definitely be going back to scope out the rest of the malls!

New England Antiques Co.
127 Rodney French Boulevard
New Bedford, MA 02744
(508) 993-7600

This was just the “furniture” neighborhood. It was this big…times about 5. HUGE.

We came across this Eastlake Furniture set that we really liked. We decided we didn’t have the time to take on the project but we will keep our eyes peeled for a similar set in better condition. I don’t mind re-upholstery but the house is not in a state where I can take on that project right now. Stefan loved the style though and the diminutive size will be perfect in the piano room. This particular style was popular from the 1870s to 1890s and was named for it’s creator, Charles Eastlake. Though victorian by timeframe, the style is a deviation from the gaudy baroque revival of the time. After looking at the pieces in the furniture store, we were able see the Eastlake influence in some of the architectural details of the house. It is clearly a turning point from the romantic curves and classic influences of the late 19th century to the angular art-deco designs of the post-war 1920s. I’d love to find a good book on the history of furniture design. It’s fascinating to see the progression of design as circumstances change over time. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

After Thursday in New Bedford, we left Friday for a weekend in Saratoga Springs. It was a great trip and lots of fun family time. I had fun with my nieces and nephews swimming and coloring birdhouses. To top it off, I came home with the great cloche. Just the right size:

Stay tuned for the saga of the kitchen cabinets!