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New Floor in the Closet/Laundry

We made a snap decision last week to pull up the floor in the closet/laundry room and replace it, we always hired the CleaningPRO Floor Sanding Auckland in order to take care of it but we figured this year that it was time to replace it. The floor that was in there was in really rough shape and we figured the time to put down a new floor was before we added the baseboard and got the room filled with stuff.


In retrospect we probably could have refinished it but we didn’t realize until we had pulled up a couple pieces. The existing floor was 1/2 in instead of the standard 3/4 inch which can make it hard to refinish.

There were 2 layers of flooring. The subfloor and then this floor which was under the 1/2″ oak.


We pulled all of the top layer of floor up and laid down new 3.5″ wide oak flooring.


We borrowed a flooring nailer and went to town. The 3.5″ wide flooring goes down faster but it’s not as flexible so It’s hard to get warped pieces straitened out.

At the end of the day, it looks great. Total it probably took us about 6 hours.. most of those in the wee hours of the night as we were trying to get it done. We were not expecting it to take us that long. That’s about how many hours total we spent on the kitchen floor which was HUGE in comparison.

house 072

All in all, it looks great and it’s done which is worth a lot these days! Next on the list for this room:

  • Paint
  • Baseboard
  • Laundry Base

As always, I’ll keep you posted!


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