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New Idea for Piano Room

I’ve become moderately obsessed with the rugs/tapestries by Charlotte Lancelot

She creates the beautiful designs by stitching strips of felt through a pierced felt canvas. The novelty is in the vintage designs with the modern pixelated pattern. She has a series of the roses which I love as well as a collection of more modern pieces like the bean-bags in the image. As much as I would love a genuine Charlotte Lancelot but lets be real…not in the budget. I’m thinking about how I might modify the idea to something I can do in the piano room. The room is going to need lots of hanging tapestries, quilts etc. The piano is loud and Stefan really likes to bang out a melody on it. For everyone’s sanity, we need to sound-dampen the room pretty well. The best way is with lots of textiles which is quite the decorating challenge. I’m already planning on collecting some victorian era crazy quilts. I have one but I want one with lux velvets etc. I don’t want to make the room into a country room so I can’t go crazy with quilts. I’m going with victorian england music room. The solution I’ve come up with is expensive, heavy curtains and tapestries.

That’s where Charlotte Lancelot comes in.

What do you think about a monochromatic cross stitch onto a linen or canvas. If I can find something with a large enough weave, I think I could do it. I’ll probably double up the embroidery floss to make some large stitches.

Something along these lines for a pattern.

And something like this for background fabric:

or even more rough like this:

A darker medium-wight linen would look good too and may keep it from being too shabby-chic:

What do you think? Can I pull it off? Any other ideas for DIY tapestries that don’t lean country or primative. I’m planning on stretching these canvases over foam to add extra dampening so they need to be heavy enough to be opaque but they don’t need to be super heavy either.


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