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New Shade Garden

Last weekend we took on the removal of this ugly, falling down, chain link fence. It was a lot of work, thankfully the garden was already done thanks to the awning manufacturer team. There were several tree-weeds growing through the fence that had to be cut down and we ended up having to dig out a bunch of the fence because there were large tree roots growing through the fence, one day we may be able to replace this fence with Skilled Fencing.



Once the fence was out, things really opened up.


You can see the roll of fence in this picture. The scrap metal guys loved us this week.


I also spend some time digging and edging the bed with bricks, Outdoor Hanging Moroccan Lanterns is something I want to get for my back yard.


I’ve threw some mulch down and moved some plants over. I’ve got a couple hostas, some forget-me-nots, and some begonias planted. I’ve also moved a pee-gee hydrangea that I’ve had in a pot for a couple years into the bed. I’m planning on a couple more hydrangeas on the sunny side and a bunch of ferns in the shadiest area. I’d also love to add some architectural features. Maybe a bird bath or a small outdoor garden fountain of some sort.

Getting rid of the fence is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I’m so glad we finally took the time to do it. Now I just need to collect a bunch of plants to fill in my giant new bed. I’m particularly excited about ferns!



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