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Painting Class

I started a new painting class where we are learning some renaissance painting techniques. For this class we are going to reproduce a renaissance portrait.

It took me a long time to figure out what painting I wanted to work on.

My first thought was this painting of Suzanne Fourment by Ruben.  I like her hat though her boobage is a bit much.

or Dame a la Licorne by Raphael.  I mean, a Unicorn…awesome

or the lovely dark-haired girl in La Famille et Sainte Catherine by Ribera.  I looked at several Saint Catherine portraits.  She was a princess who through her own knowledge and learning came to know Jesus and debated with all the pagan scholars of the day and one.  She was executed and her “symbol” is a wagon wheel and books of knowledge.

But I finally decided on La Magdelene by Luini.

She is at the National Gallery in DC and it will be so exciting to go and see her in person after I’ve done my interpretation.  I love the green dress and the red-ish hair.  Her token jar of perfume is in her hands which is lovely as well.

I’ll be posting updates on my painting as it progresses. Don’t hope for too much.


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    I think you have made a good choice. Have fun.