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Painting the Closet Pink

It’s PINK!

I painted it Behr Cafe Pink and I LOVE the color. It is VERY pink but there isn’t going to be much wall showing so it really needed to have some oomph. Also, it’s a closet! What fun is the world if even your closet needs to be some pseudo neutral color?


To start, my Mother and I primed the walls and ceiling. I did 2 coats on the ceiling and the primer did well enough that we didn’t really need to go over it with ceiling paint. It’s a nice, smooth, flat white. We needed to seal in the plaster that was spread over the blue-board. We used Bulls Eye latex primer.

Zinsser primer

After that dried, we put on the paint. I used the Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer in one. I have to say, we did need 2 solid coats to get good coverage. The airbrush compressor on Amazon is a perfect solution for such purposes.

We cut in the corners with a brush and used a roller on the rest. We used the handy dandy edger to get the top edge nice and even.


The baseboards will be installed later so there was no edge on the bottom edge and all the window and door moldings are off as well so we will have to get new window installations. It made it a very quick room to paint.

What a difference!

This is what that room looked like when we moved in:
2nd floor bedroom

At some point in the middle:

And now!

We still need to add baseboards and the laundry base but it’s coming along so quickly!